Jazz Duets 4 Pack (Intermediate)

Duet - Intermediate

The Jazz Duets 4 Pack (Intermediate) is a collection of original duets designed with remote learning in mind. Each duet provides students an opportunity to work on both ensemble-style playing and improvisation. Included play-along tracks make it possible for students to get a complete duet experience while working on matching style and intonation. The duets are based on chord changes of jazz standards (F Blues, There Is No Greater Love, Blue Bossa, and Take the A Train), allowing students an opportunity to work through the harmonies of essential jazz repertoire in a fresh, unique setting.

The class set includes C, Eb, bass clef, trumpet, and tenor sax parts, along with optional accompaniment parts for piano, bass, and drums. Play-along tracks include each individual duet part in addition to recordings of both parts together.

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